Desktop & Web Aplication Developer on Concord consulting, PT

Job description:

*        Maintain existing web applications
*        Develop a new web application

General Requirements:

*        Diploma (D3) from Computer Science or Equivalent
*        Self motivated and a fast learner
*        Able to work under pressure and minimum supervision
*        Able to work in team, creative, honest and responsible
*        Good command in English

Skill Requirements:

*        Experience in object oriented PHP development, framework, Javascript, CSS and XML
*        Experience in open source RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
*        Understand the concept of web design workflow
*        Understanding in web usability terminology
*        Understanding in Delphi and SQL Server 2000 programming is a must
*        Knowledge in PHP AJAX framework and CMS is a plus
*        Knowledge in Flash design is a plus
*        Knowledge in other programming language (VB/.NET/Java, etc.) is a plus

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